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Can my iPhone be repaired?

iphone screen repair

This article is for people who want to know if their damaged iPhone can be repaired. After dropping your iPhone, getting it wet, updating it, or sometimes for no apparent reason, the screen can black out and apparently stop working. It is common for people to give up on their device when these issues occur. This is why it is important for us to know the common reasons for these issues. First things first. Just because your phone screen is black does not mean anything is wrong with the phone itself. Its best to think of the screen and the actual phone in the same way you would think of…


iPhone Repair for Visiters

iphone repair

So you’ve just arrived in Seattle, wide eyed and ready to take on everything the city has to offer. You have everything planned, from visiting the various museums and attractions, to going out and enjoying the nightlife. Reservations have been made and paid for weeks ago. Then the unthinkable happens, you break your iPhone screen. Most likely you do not know the area and are unfamiliar with the local shops. In a way we have become symbiotic with our cell phones, and not having one, especially during a once in a lifetime vacation can be devastating. This is where the value of Onsite iPhone repair separates itself from conventional repair…