Can my iPhone be repaired?

This article is for people who want to know if their damaged iPhone can be repaired. After dropping your iPhone, getting it wet, updating it, or sometimes for no apparent reason, the screen can black out and apparently stop working. It is common for people to give up on their device when these issues occur. This is why it is important for us to know the common reasons for these issues.

First things first.

Just because your phone screen is black does not mean anything is wrong with the phone itself. Its best to think of the screen and the actual phone in the same way you would think of a computer monitor and the computer tower. Just because something is wrong with the monitor does not mean anything is wrong with the tower. This is how most phones operate. The display assembly of your typical smart phone only has one or two wires that connect the display (LCD) and the glass that controls your touch (digitizer), to the main unit of the device. Even if something is wrong with the display panel (LCD and Digitizer), that usually has no effect on the main phone unit.

So first things first, we need to determine if the display is damaged. If the display is damaged we need to determine which part is broken. Below are some ways to diagnose if the display is damaged.

It’s just the display if the device can,

  • Receive calls/texts
  • Vibrates
  • Connect to a computer
  • The LCD is discolored

If the device is not working at all

This can be caused by the following issues that would need to be diagnosed properly by a professional. I will place these issues in order of how common we diagnose them. In most cases, devices with these issues can be repaired. 

  1. Software issues
  2. The Charging port is old,dirty, or water damaged, and needs to be replaced
  3. The battery needs to be replaced
  4. The device is water damaged
  5. The logic board has been damaged in some other way. 

If it is just the Digitizer

Sometimes The screen still lights up but the touch functionality is less reliable or stops working entirely. This most likely means that the issue is the digitizer, which is the front glass that controls touch. Glued behind the Digitizer is the actual LCD. If there is no discoloration on the LCD, and the issues are only with touch, then you can save money by replacing the front glass (Digitizer). The front glass is not only cheaper, but also allows you to keep the original Apple LCD. There is however a high risk with damaging the LCD during this type of repair. oftentimes repair shops will recommend replacing the LCD and digitizer together.

If it is the LCD

It can be confusing when there are no visible cracks on the display, but it remains black, even if it can still recieve calls or can connect to a computer. If you have determined that the main unit is still operational, then it is probably just the LCD that is not working properly, and the entire display assembly will need to be replaced. When separating the LCD from the Digitizer on iPhones, there is a high probability that the digitizer is going to crack during the process, and it is not worth trying to keep it.

What now?

After determining which issue you have, you can schedule a repair with Onsite iPhone repair with confidence and get your phone repaired, saving time and money in the process.

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