iPhone Repair for Visiters

So you’ve just arrived in Seattle, wide eyed and ready to take on everything the city has to offer. You have everything planned, from visiting the various museums and attractions, to going out and enjoying the nightlife. Reservations have been made and paid for weeks ago. Then the unthinkable happens, you break your iPhone screen. Most likely you do not know the area and are unfamiliar with the local shops. In a way we have become symbiotic with our cell phones, and not having one, especially during a once in a lifetime vacation can be devastating. This is where the value of Onsite iPhone repair separates itself from conventional repair shops.

We come to you

This is the main reason many customers choose our service when their iPhones stop working. We come to you at not only your hotel/hostel, but we are equipped to meet you anywhere in Seattle! We have repaired phones in front of the space needle, inside the aquarium, and even inside dozens of Coffee shops throughout Seattle. Our goal is to meet with you on your time at a location that works for you, this way you can continue your well planned vacation without losing any time.

Most of our repairs are scheduled on the same day or the following day of the requested repair. We use our phones to take pictures more often than a stand alone camera nowadays, so why wait until the end of your vacation to fix your device?

Repairs only last 20-30 minutes

The typical wait time at a repair shop is about 2-3 hours, after arriving at the store, even if you have already scheduled an appointment online. Sometimes you need to leave the device with the shop overnight, which wastes even more time.

Onsite iPhone screen repairs for example typically take between 20-30 minutes from when we first meet, until the repair is completed. Our motto with repair times is to get in and get out, because our business is built around your convenience not ours.

Our promise

Our service is built around your convenience, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you can enjoy your stay while in Tokyo. Check Prices here.